“Best of all is the famous Dracula, which has become almost the standard modern exploitation of the frightful vampire myth.” H. P. Lovecraft, “Supernatural Horror in Literature”

“Dracula is a Gothic mandala, a vast design in which multiple reflections of the elements of the genre are configured in elegant sets of symmetries. It is also a sort of lens, bringing focus and compression to diverse Gothic motifs, including not only vampirism but madness, the night, spoiled innocence, disorder in nature, sacrilege, cannibalism, necrophilia, psychic projection, the succubus, the incubus, the ruin, and the tomb.” Patrick McGrath, Preface to Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Sucking Through the Century, 1897-1997

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) is one of the most famous novels written in English. The interest it arises in scholars, artists and the general public alike is rarely equalled by other narratives. The numerous approaches given to the analysis of Stoker’s best text range from the historical figures of Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Báthory to the Victorian Gothic among others.

This online conference celebrates the anniversaries of Bram Stoker’s ground-breaking Dracula and its film adaptations Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922) and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992). It will be held on October 29th and 30th 2022, just before Halloween. The event will be interdisciplinary, therefore papers which engage with literary criticism, cinema, costume design, music or any other approach will be welcomed.

The conference will be held online as a two-day event, and the papers presented must not exceed 15 minutes, as there will be questions at the end of each panel. The papers will be recorded only if the speakers agree to do so.

Abstracts should not be longer than 250 words and should be submitted alongside a 50-word biography. In case of university affiliation, it should be included, although independent researchers will also be warmly received.

Deadline for submissions: 30th June 2022. We will respond to all the proposals once the deadline has passed. Please send abstracts and any questions to vampiricanniversaries@gmail.com.

Suggested topics include:

. Vampire folklore

. Inspirations for Dracula

. Gender and sexuality

. Disease

. Religion and Death

. Racial Other

. Technology

. Expressionist cinema

. Occultism

. Byronic hero

. Costumes

. Art and set design

. History and geography

. Monstrosity